Scottie Scheffler

updated 26 Jul 2023

Scottie Scheffler is a professional golfer and major winner. He won the Masters in 2022.

Scotties Game

Scottie is a monster tee to green. He nukes drives with ease, and is a hell of an iron player, able to shape the ball in any direction and stick it close to the pin, and if he doesn't, he is great with a wedge in hand...And its good thing he is so strong tee to green, and able to stick it tight, because, 3-8 ft putts are the absolute weakest part of his game, and what has hurt him in his 2023 Masters run. Tiger Woods Iron play has had a huge influence on him. He played his nike blades when he was on nike and he plays his Taylormade blades now, but its not just the equipment, tigers versatility and ability with the irons is what Scotty has tried to replicate in his game, and he has.

How Scottie Scheffler Shapes his Irons

Scotties Masters Win

Scottie recalls every shot from his 2022 Sunday Masters Round

Scotties goes into full rain man mode here, sort of stares up, and walks us through every single hole at Augusta national and recalls every single shot from his Masters victory in 2022. And, even some of Cam Smith's shot. He also 4 putted on the last hole, and walked us through all of those putts, and settled for a 4 shot victory.


The Players Championship in 2022

Whats in the Bag

Scotty is Taylormade professional, as his WITB would indicate, playing the TW blade irons from 5-PW and stealth 2 driver at 8 degrees (gasp) and a stealth fairway wood 15 degrees.

With that said, he does dabble and is still in the process of transition the rest of his bag to Taylormade. And the whole bag may never go over. From the non Taylor made side he carries Srixion ZU-85 3 and 4 irons, Vokey SM8 Wedges in 50 12F, 56 14F, 60 A, a Pro V1 Golf Ball, and of course, a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 009 M.

Scottie will likely always stick with Scotty Cameron putters, but he has been known to rotate the Newport 2's, but be on the look out for a wedge, long iron, or ball switch in future. The MG3, TP5, and P770 are calling.

Carry Distances

Scotty Scheffler guesses his carry numbers

Club Carry
Driver 303 yards
3 Wood 268 yards
Stealth 2h. 246 yards (not bagged)
Stealth 4 iron 226 yards (not bagged)
5 iron 210 yards
6 iron 196 yards
7 iron 185 yards
8 iron 172 yards
9 iron 157 yards
PW 144 yards
50 degree 130 yards
56 degree 120 yards
60 degree. 106 yards