Tiger Woods Irons

updated 06 Jun 2023

Tiger Woods is considered one of the greatest iron players of all time. He believes in being able to shape shots in all directions, high draws, low draws, low fades, high fades, or better known as being being able to hit all 9 windows 🪟 .

He currently uses Taylormade P7TW bladed irons in 4-Pw, and has been mixing in the P770 3 iron, and even 2 iron for links golf. When he was playing at his peak he was signed with Titliest but was rumored to be playing Muira Irons with Titliest logos on them. Before Taylormade he was with Nike using the Nike VR Pro Blade (3-PW).

Tiger Woods Iron Swing in Slow Motion

Tiger Woods Iron Swing in Slow Motion

Tiger Woods 9 Windows

Tiger Woods 9 Windows

Tiger Woods and Collin Morikawa Iron Striking Secrets

Tiger Woods and Collin Morikawa Iron String Secrets

Tiger uses his irons for distance control. He does not need to go all out on his irons. In the Video, Tiger and Collin are going after a flag that is reachable with a 6 or 7 irons, and then shows Collin who is boss of distance control by hitting a 3 Iron draw out to the same flag. Collin flat out said, "I don't have that shot", granted Collin is more a cutter of the golf ball.

Collin also asked Tiger if he adds more curvature or shape to shots in order to control distance and Tiger gave a simple "Oh yeahhh 😏" response.

Not Taking divots.

At the Taylormade Stealth 2 testing session, the boys were warming up, and Tiger was not taking any divots, Scottie Scheffler, considered one of the best ball strikers on tour right now and player of P7TW blades noticed this and asked tiger about. Tigers response was "Why would you take a divot 😒,... I don't take divots when I'm hitting the ball well". Scotties was response was silence, as if something had just broke in his brain 😳🤯.

Tiger Woods Scottie Scheffler: No Divots