Sean Foley on Ball Striking

updated 03 Aug 2023

In this golf lesson with Sean Foley, he discusses the fundamental principles of effective ball striking and golf swing mechanics. He emphasizes the importance of counter rotation, weight shift, and using hands and arms efficiently to generate power. Foley introduces dynamic drills like the "nine to three" punch shot and stepping-back exercises to help players develop a strong foundation and enhance their overall swing dynamics.

Sean Foley on Ball-Striking | Swing Expedition with Chris Como | GolfPass

  1. Introduction to Sean Foley and His Approach:

  2. Key Principles of Golf Swing:

  3. Ball Striking Analysis and Drills:

  4. Technology in Golf Coaching:

  5. Drills for Dynamic Power:

  6. Rhythm and Movement:

  7. Closing Thoughts:

Overall, the lesson with Sean Foley focuses on understanding the foundational principles of a successful golf swing, incorporating technology, and engaging in purposeful drills to enhance power, accuracy, and consistency.