Tim Ferris and Seth Godin

updated 18 May 2023

Seth is as an author of 21 international bestsellers and a prominent figure in marketing. Seth's notable books include "Tribes," "Purple Cow," "Linchpin," "The Dip," and "This Is Marketing." His new book, "The Song of Significance: A New Manifesto for Teams." will be available in stores soon. Seth and Tim dive into the struggles of aging, and embracing aging, and how to deal with that, before diving into the rest of the conversation

Seth Godin — The Pursuit of Meaning, Choosing Your Attitude, Overcoming Rejection, and More

The Changes of Aging

How Seth gets over momentary lapses of optimism.

Writing the Carbon Alamanac And finding Meaning in Writing books

Addressing 21st-century nihilism.

Finding significance and making a difference.

The Boss and The Bees

Ethically reclaiming meaning from work in the Quaker surveillance state.

Seth’s impression of Tim Ferris's efforts over the years

Circumnavigating false proxies.

On Employee Retention

Lets Get Real and Let's Not Play

Zig Ziglar

Seth's Reflections on His Career

The 140 Year Old Piano

Meetings & Page 19 Thinking

Soliciting Useful Feedback & Parting Thoughts