Who is Alex Hormozi Really

updated 11 May 2023

Alex Hormozi is a successful business investor and entrepreneur who claims to have made millions teaching people how to acquire more customers, make more profit per customer, and keep them longer. He owns Acquisition.com, which is a portfolio of companies that generate about $85 million a year. He also claims to be on track to become a billionaire within a few short years. Alex was raised by a single father who immigrated to the United States from Iran with nothing but a briefcase and the clothes on his back. Alex's father's difficult life pushed him to achieve greatness, and this started with Academia. After High School, Alex went to Vanderbilt College where he graduated an entire year early with magna laude honors. He then worked as a space cyber and intelligence consultant, making more money than any young 22-year-old could hope for. After two years, he sold everything he owned and moved across the country to California to start his business. He opened his own gym within three months after spending the last of his fifty thousand dollars. Within nine months of opening his first gym, he was ready to open his second. Within the next two years, he had opened five gyms, a dental marketing agency, and a chiropractic marketing agency. After several failing partnerships and his mother getting admitted to the hospital, he started self-medicating by drinking heavily, which only added to his problems. However, despite his financial ruin, he pressed on and eventually became successful. He is now a successful businessman and entrepreneur who continues to inspire others with his story.

Who is Alex Hormozi Really?