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updated 02 Aug 2023

"Why I Run" is an essay by Exurb1a on his sister channel Exurb2a that passionately advocates for the benefits of running as a form of exercise, meditation, and personal growth.

Why I Run

Key Points and Themses of "Why I Run"

  1. Introduction and Personal Experience: The author begins by sharing their own experience with running. They note that despite being neurotic and generally disliking physical activity, running helped them achieve mental clarity and improved their overall well-being.

  2. Running Gear: The author emphasizes that expensive running gear is unnecessary. Basic and affordable shoes can suffice, and there's no need to invest in high-priced equipment.

  3. Physical and Mental Benefits: Running helps clear the mind and overcome brain fog. It engages muscles that aren't typically used during walking, leading to improved mental functioning.

  4. Starting Slow: The initial week of running might not be enjoyable. The author advises newcomers to take it slow and not to expect immediate pleasure. Physical discomfort is normal initially.

  5. Setting Goals: The essay encourages setting achievable goals, such as running 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). The author suggests finding a suitable route using online distance calculators.

  6. Runner's High: The author describes the sensation of "runner's high" as a clear-headed feeling of euphoria, akin to the effects of drugs but without the impairment.

  7. Generating Ideas and Insight: Running helps stimulate creativity and generates insights. The author mentions that many of their ideas for videos come to them during runs.

  8. Gradual Progress: After becoming comfortable with a 5k distance, the author suggests that runners can gradually increase their distance. They emphasize that underestimated physical capabilities can surprise runners.

  9. Pushing Boundaries: The essay encourages pushing oneself to achieve personal growth. When feeling like giving up, the author advises pushing through, as the body rewards the effort with endorphins.

  10. Music for Motivation: Running with music is recommended as it can provide motivation and a rhythm to follow. The author shares their own running playlist.

  11. Meditation and Reflection: Running can serve as a form of meditation. Alone time allows for introspection, problem-solving, and insight into personal matters.

  12. Physical and Mental Benefits: The essay underscores that the benefits of running extend beyond physical health. The mental clarity and emotional well-being that result from running can be profound.

  13. Consistency and Addiction: The author acknowledges that running can become addictive due to the positive impact it has on mental and emotional states. Missing a few days of running can lead to irritability and melancholy.

  14. Addiction Warning: While running offers many benefits, the author cautions against overexertion, especially for individuals with heart conditions. They advise being aware of the addictive nature of running.

  15. Freedom and Problem-Solving: Running, especially in natural settings, offers a sense of freedom and liberation. It can be an opportunity to escape daily concerns and solve problems.

  16. Physical Fitness: The author acknowledges that running can lead to improved physical fitness and weight management, but these outcomes are secondary to the mental and emotional benefits.

  17. Mind-Body Connection: The essay emphasizes that running connects the mind and body, leading to a holistic sense of well-being.

In summary, "Why I Run" passionately promotes running as a transformative practice that provides mental clarity, emotional well-being, problem-solving opportunities, and a unique sense of freedom. It encourages readers to try running as a form of meditation and personal growth, even if they are initially skeptical or new to physical activity.