Golf Sidekick

updated 09 Aug 2023

Golf Sidekick is the Playa in Chief, and owner of Wadda Playa Golf, a golf clothing and accessories site. He has helped millions of golfers break 100, hundreds of thousands break 90, and thousands break 80. He is believer in the swing your swing mentality, getting it on the green, and building the backbone of your game up from the hole back. His course psychology has definitely been influenced by Bob Rotella, the author of "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect", which emphasizes playing your game, and have impeccable short game. Matt aka Golf Sidekick has made this a huge part of his game. His best club is his full swing 9 iron, his 150 yard club, the backbone of his game. Golf sidekick believes for every hour spent at the range, 2 should spent on the game of 150 yards and in. This goes from 9 iron full swings, down to putting.

Golf Sidekick how to Break 100

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Golf Sidekick how to Break 80

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Golf Sidekick handicap

Matt has broken par in video before, and is believed to be a low single digit handicapper, probably a 3. With that said in his latest videos he has been sidelined for several months by a back injury, plaguing his driver which has in turn plagued his rounds and effort in the short game after losing several balls off the Tee, and shot near 90.

Time to quite

Who is Golf Sidekick

Golf Sidekick is playa named Matt living in Thailand posting rounds comparing handicaps, scoring barriers, club choices, advocating for working on your short game.

Where is he from

Playa in Chief lives in Thailand but is from South Africa.