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updated 09 Aug 2023

"If You Play Like Me, You Will Be Free" by Golf Sidekick provides insights and tips for improving golf performance and enjoying the game more. Here are the key points:

If You Play Like Me, You Will be Free

  1. Course Strategy: The speaker discusses choosing between fairway options and recommends selecting a distant point as a target to avoid focusing on obstacles. This involves visualizing a distant target like a hill or a stone, helping to free the mind from potential hazards.

  2. Intermediary Target: The concept of using an intermediary target, like a leaf or grass, to align the shot is suggested. This target should be in line with the distant target, aiding in aligning the shot correctly.

  3. Relaxation and Comfort: The speaker emphasizes hitting shots confidently and comfortably, while avoiding overthinking. Finding clubs that instill confidence and comfort is crucial.

  4. Adjusting Expectations: The speaker discusses adjusting expectations based on statistical data. For instance, the likelihood of sinking putts is less than what highlight reels might portray, and golfers should have realistic expectations.

  5. Mindfulness and Focus: Being in the present moment and focusing on the shot at hand is highlighted. A pre-shot routine and maintaining focus can lead to better results.

  6. Embracing Imperfections: Accepting that not every shot will be perfect is encouraged. Instead of striving for perfection, focus on learning from experiences. Remember, "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect"

  7. Playing Within Abilities: The concept of playing to one's strengths and abilities is discussed. Utilizing different strategies for different parts of the game can lead to better overall performance.

  8. Course Management: The speaker talks about playing strategically to avoid trouble spots. This involves aiming for safe areas and using the course layout to advantage.

  9. Confidence and Commitment: Building confidence in shots and committing to them is crucial. Trusting oneself and the abilities developed through practice is emphasized.

  10. Connection Between Golf and Life: The speaker draws parallels between golf and life, highlighting how a mindful and in-the-moment approach on the course can reflect similar changes in one's daily life.

  11. Adapting to Turf Conditions: Recognizing and adjusting to different turf conditions is crucial for consistent performance.

  12. Use of Arsenal Shots: The importance of relying on shots you have practiced and are comfortable with, rather than attempting unfamiliar shots, is emphasized.

Overall, the transcript provides advice on adopting a mindful, confident, and adaptable approach to playing golf, while acknowledging imperfections and focusing on the enjoyment of the game.