Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy And Jason Day Short Game Session | TaylorMade Golf

updated 23 Aug 2023

In this enlightening exchange, professional golfers Jason Day, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy engage in a comprehensive conversation focused on the intricate aspects of the golf short game. Set against the backdrop of a practice session, the trio delves into topics ranging from their best up-and-down moments to strategies for tackling various lies and grass types. With candid insights shared, they explore the art of visualization, the importance of technique in different conditions, and their individual practice routines. This dialogue offers a rare glimpse into the minds of elite golfers as they dissect the nuances of the short game that play a pivotal role in their success on the course.

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy And Jason Day Short Game Session | TaylorMade Golf

Candid Insights into the Art of Golf's Short Game: Techniques, Spin, and Adaptations.

  1. Club Selection for Spin and Shot Variation:

  2. Technique for Spin and Release:

  3. Chipping Technique:

  4. Ball Position and Feel:

  5. Visualization and Spot Picking:

  6. Reading Chips and Putting Parallels:

  7. Freedom for Long Game and Momentum:

  8. Adapting Techniques for Different Lies:

  9. Practice and Equipment Changes:

  10. External and Internal Cues:

  11. Matching Technique to Physical Abilities:

  12. Importance of Short Game Improvement:

  13. Different Shot Approaches:

Mastering the Golf Short Game: Insights from Jason Day, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy's Practice Session

  1. Bunker Shot Technique:

  2. Handle Height in Bunker Shots:

  3. Swing Technique:

  4. Bunker Shot Spin:

  5. Ball Position and Face Alignment:

  6. Short Game Consistency:

  7. Adapting Techniques:

  8. Use of Equipment:

  9. Flop Shots and Bunker Play:

  10. Bunker Play for Amateurs:

  11. Adjusting for Different Conditions:

  12. Feedback on Equipment:

Candid Insights: Golf Pros Discuss Short Game Strategies, Visualization, and Course Adaptations

  1. Memorable Shots and Strategies:

  2. Chipping Routine:

  3. Bermuda Grass and Rough Play:

  4. Adapting to Different Grass Types:

  5. Visualization and Feel:

  6. Club Selection and Shot Types:

  7. Adjusting for Different Conditions:

  8. Course-Specific Techniques:

  9. Playing Styles and Preferences:

  10. Learning and Evolution:

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