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updated 13 Apr 2023

Where to Watch to the Masters 2023


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Weather Forecast

It's really nice out today, Rahmbo's hot spanish blood has him in his usual salmon polo.


We are looking at cold and rain on Saturday, not good for Tiger, or anyone for that matter.

Augusta National Radar

Its going to start raining hard later on today.

Masters Commentary

Final Round Commentary From Brooks, Jon Rahm, and Phil Mickelson

Jon Rahm

Brooks Koepka

Phil Mickelson

Day 4 Final Round

And that's it, with a beautiful chip over the trap to within 4 ft, John Rahm is your masters Champion.

Is Rahm playing against Henley? He seems like the bigger threat then Koepka from a momentum perspective.

Jon Rahm monster draw on 13, eats cold cut sandwhich.

Koepka needing to take a second chip at 12. The game is clearly coming apart. As long as Rahm plays his game he will be our new Masters Champion.

Phil Mickelson tied for second with his lowest final master's round ever, and his first smile since he stepped on the grounds at Augusta on Monday. Congrats Phil, absolute redemption tournament!

PGA of America confirms Brooks will get his full Ryder Cup points for this finish. If he follows this up with good play in the other three majors, he could well qualify for the team on points. Either way, if we want the 12 best from each, it’s hard to imagine he’s not in Rome…

Spieth is now -8 heading into 18, 3 back. Tying several greats for number of Top 5 finishes before the age of 30.

Koepka is +3 for today while Rahmbo is -1. That says it all about how this back 9 @TheMasters is going to play out. This all started with the 2 stroke swing on the round 3 putting green restart at 8:30 this morning.

Phil Mickelson is about to make Eagle. If he can make it into the top 5 he will be the oldest player in Master's history to do so.

Jon Rahm is dialled. This is going to be some story if he can be the 2nd Spaniard to win the Masters on Seve’s birthday after Sergio did in in 2017. Vamos, Jon

Rahm will have a tap in birdie on par 5 8 after a beautiful chip to lengthen his lead to at least 2 on Koepka. The pressure is on brooks to two putt from 40 feet.... And he does with a beautiful lag.

Scheffler with a double bogie on 12, theegala in the stands with a ball, and Spieth out of a trap. That 8 way tie for 4th just got thinner.

There are now 8 players at -6, 4 back from Rahm. Brooks just took a low iron chip back into the fairway.

Spieth now at -7 and 3 back from the lead. Where TF did he come from?

Scottie all jacked up from his putt, puts one over the green and in the bushes on 12.

Theegala with a 30 foot chip in to join scottie at -6 and make a run as well! The crowd was truly jacked up for that one.

Scottie Scheffler with a 40 footer to make 2 birdies in the past 4 holes to go to -6 and only 4 back. Is he about to go on a run?!?!

Is Brook's game about to collapse. Can he handle the intensity of playing next to Rahm

John Rahmn Dunks a 5 footer for par and the lead!!

Another Bogey for Brooks. 6 Footer for Rahm coming up.

Victor Hovland with some really poor short putting on 5 doubles goes from -8 to -6 and we are wondering if he can make the top 10 by the end of 18.

Is Brooks dipping at @TheMasters?

Rahm hasn't had a great tee shot yet this round. His driver seems to be slicing a little more than he would like. Brooks looks sharper tee to green for the most part but the putting has hurt him.

Scottie hasn’t been able to buy a putt all week and he’s still T6. Different

Koepka just missed 6 footer for par, Jon Rahm is your new co-leader of the 2023 Masters!

The Lefty Phil Mickelson drains a 20 footer on 12 to make the first birdie of the day there. He birdied it the past 3 days.

Rahm just makes a hell of a left to right putt after Brooks shorts one to take one back. -11 and -10

Brook's had a great chance to take a shot from rahm after he had the better out from the bunker, 4 footer for bird, rims it and redirects after rahm missed his 6-8 footer for bird.

Henley just made a 20 ft birdie putt to go to -7, not that far back to make a move.

A lot of long putts seem to be going in, players starting to enjoy the better conditions.

Rahm just stuck on in the bunker on two after hitting from the pine straw. Brooks sticks one in the other bunker. The boys will duel on opposing bunker shots.

Victor Hovland just missed a 4 foot birdie attempt.

Scottie Scheffler sticks one next the pin on the 7th. His irons appear to be dialed again.

Brooks just drove one 350 on the second tee, guess he didn't feel like hooking his driver again.

Theegala makes a 25 footer on 17 to go to -4, this could make a big difference in his place and pay day.

Jon Rahm bangs the 6 footer to make par and push the hole that could have been his.

Brooks lag putt goes to a few inches, sneaks out of the hole with ease. Waiting on Rahms 6 footer now.

Jon Rahm needs a big up and down to stay even on a hole he should have picked up a stroke on....Ran right over the whole and about 8 ft past, a lot of work left to do as we wait for Brooke's lag.

Nevermind, he put pin high. But rahm has a 7 iron, 156 to the hole.

It seems likely Brooks will give up a stroke on the opening hole to Rahm. 220 to the hole, cant see the flag.

Both John Rahm and Brooks hit 3 wood off the opening hole.

Fore please, the leader Brooks Koepka is teeing off for his final round. "Ohhh God, FORE LEFT" , a hook left into the other fairway.

Hovland after 5 birdies on the back nine of his round 3 this morning, opens the final round with a birdie to head to -8. Putting him one stroke back from Rahm and 3 back from Koepka.

Scottie Scheffler just made birdie to head to 4 under. Would not be surprised to see him try and charge up the leader board.

Day 3

End of Round 2 Day 3

Justin Thomas goes bogie bogie to not make the cut.

John Rahm bogeys 18 to end birdie 15, bogey 16, birdie 17, bogey 18. Absolute rollercoaster in these conditions.

Justin Thomas needs to hole a 10 footer to make the cut.

Tiger made the cut +3. Justin Thomas needs to get in at +3 on 18 to make the cut.

Rahm just only hit the ball 260 off the tee and had to hit a long 4 iron into 18 coming up short of the green. How is that for using all the clubs in the bag Rory?

Rahm just needs to get to the clubhouse at this point. At 18 one back from Brooks. It is going to rain hard later, so Brooks will have to deal with the heavy rain as well.

Rahm just made Birdie on 15 to go to -11, one back from Koepka in the lead.

Justing Thomas just missed a 4 footer at 15 for bogey to head to +2. He is now flirting with cut line. Tiger is looking good at +1

Justin thomas sticks one close to the flag at 15 from 80 yards only to have it nearly roll on into the water from the spin. John Rahm from 60 yards just sticks it, will have a 3 footer coming up.

Bryson DeChambeau will miss the cut after bad break at 15

The rain is loading up again. It appears this could be an all day battle. The heavy rain is apparently coming out around 1 pm.

It appears the rain is letting up a bit. The boys are laying off the umbrellas and jackets a bit. Still pretty cold out there.

Justin Thomas is on the mic letting us know about the conditions. He is blowing his hands a bit to keep them warm. The soft greens are nice but the skid is now. All course knowledge is out the window. Smashed a 7 iron 159 after not thinking he had it in the 8. He claims the wetness really impact the spin coming off the club and the turf interaction with the club, so sometimes your clubbing up, sometimes your clubbing down.

Rahm is -2 since the restart this morning after birdies on 8 and 11. The rain is pissing him off, and he plays his best pissed off. He is -2, two back from the leader Brooks.

Tiger Woods just slams a 15 footer for birdie after slamming the flagstick on approach. He needed that one, the crowd is loving it! He's +1 and much closer to making the cut now.

Tiger Woods just smashed a flagstick to get the crowd excited but the ball still ends up 15 feetish away from the hole on the 15th hole.

Cam Young nearly chips in for a par to save a tragic hole, but makes bogey. His ball was nuzzled up againts rahms, who will attempt the same shot. Rahm is going to putt it...And leaves it way short with a lot of work to do on a 5-6 footer....and finished it for parr.

Cam Youngs golf has been found, and hes taking an unplayable as its pressed up against a rock wall. Instead of a 5th from the fairway, he will hit 4 from a drop

Cameron Young followed up the slice into the woods by needing to hit a provisional after hitting one out of the pine straw that mayyyy have gone into the creek.

The rain is really starting to come down. Cam Young slices one into the woods 14. 13 has turned into a proper lay up Par 5 in this rain.

Rahmbo looks to playing with that spanish 🔥 dropping a downhill 6 footer on 12 for 🏸

Tiger just missed his second makable birdie putt on 13 after missing one on 12. Those are going to need to start dropping as he is flirting with the cut line at +2

Players seem to be adapting to the conditions, enjoying the softer greens. It's raining, but the wind is light to non-existant and the 50 degree weather is much warmer than the 40 degree forecast.

Theegala makes a 12 Footer for birdie to go to -3. He will be making the cut at his first Masters.

The players seem clearly pissed/frustrated with the conditions. About 50 degree's out, rainy.

It looks like Fred Couples is going to make the cut, finishing Even. Does anyone know why most of the older guys use yellow balls? Just because its easier to see or is there a reason?

Tiger stuck it within 5 ft on par 3 12 but missed the putt.

John Rahm is on the course and absolutely sliced one off the tee and decried "Nooo, water on the face, c'monnn"

Day 2

Cam Smith rocked his 7 wood out of a bunker to make eagle

Amateur Sam Bennett just dropped a 20+ footer to move -8 and the solo second, 4 back from the lead.

The Lefty Phil Mikckelson is -4, Rory Mcllroy is +5, and Brooks is -12.

I think we can settle the "LIV players can't possibly get in form for a single tournament" as completely false bs.

The sun is still out but it is starting the spinkle. Tiger, Rahmbo and Hovland are on the course.

Jason Day went Double followed by single to go from -9 to -6. He was looking really good for a minute there.

23 Year old Texas A&M Amateur Sam Bennet has moved into a tie for second with an in form Jason Day.

Its crazy that the best pros in the world make double.

Bryson is not making the cut at +4 and 63 year old Fred couples is -1

Remind me why we need to roll the ball back again?

Viral Video of Colin Morikawa moving his ball. He has responded "I play by the rules" and explained the situation. Although still controversial.

Did Koepka do enough, Rahm and Hovland in the same conditions I think could have went lower. We will see how the weather holds up for the two of them.

Koepka seems to be putting some distance with two birdies on the back 9 to take him to -12. Jason Day at a notable -9 through 14. Hovland and Rahm teeing off momentarily. Hopefully the weather holds off.

Dustin Johnson just missed a 3 footer to make double bogey and slide back to even.

Si Woo Kim took a little jab at Phil with his choice in shirt today

Brook's eagle on 7 takes him to 10 under, sheesh mageesh. Is it the bright yellow nikes?

Koepka off to a good start, with an early birdie on 2. Hoveland and Rahm dont start until 12:54 and 1:18, thunderstorms and rain predicted to start around 2 pm. Koepka's early start could be a huge advantage down the stretch.

Hoping for some more great Smylie Kaufman commentary today, loved hearing his insider insights into Jordan Spieth wedge game yesterday. Nobody in the booth knows modern game better than Smylie.

Day 1

Hoveland is T1 -2 through 4

Justin Thomas -1 through 2

Tiger is +1 through 4

John Rahm +1 through 2

JT just made a downhill 10 footer for Birdie on the 3rd. John Rahm joined him to go back to even.

Cameron Young off to a hot start with 3/3 Birdies. Will he end the round 18 under?

We may have just jinxed cameron young, put one in the trap on 4.

The greens have been running fast, John Rahm 4 putted one, he seems to have figured out the speed, but a lot of players adapting to the greens in the early holes. Could be prime conditions for Cameron Smith.

Justin Thomas comes up short on a 12 footer to make bogie on 5 to slide to -1.

Tiger exhaled some audible effort to drive the ball 280 yards on the 525 yard 8th hole at Augusta.

Fist Tiger Highlight of the day, nearly holes from a blind 50 yard chip/pitch for eagle after a great cutting 5 wood on 8th hole. See shot here

Rahm -3 after opening up with a double. He is an absolute savage.

Will Zalatoris has withdrawn from the masters. Thank god, no one wanted to see him putt anyway.

Scottie Scheffler is on course and amateur Sam Bennet in his grouping started off with a swirly birdie.

Tiger Woods is +3 through 13. He is struggling to build momentum. Driver looks fine, the irons and putter are not as sharp as we are used to seeing tiger.

Brooks Koepka off to strong start -3 through 7.

SAM BENNET?! Birdie, bunker shot eagle to start followed by a Scheffler eagle! Sam -3 through 2, Scottie -2 through 2.

Rhambo with an easy 1 footer for bird on 13 while JT missed a 8 footer for bird, visibly upset with himself.

Victor Hoveland looks perpetually high, never noticed this.

Xander Chauflle continues to play great golf and give himself chances, especially chips like this

Tiger Woods with back to back birdies to slide down to +1, lets goooooo!

Rahm -6 through 16, 1 back from Hoveland who finished -7 *edit, Hoveland is ON 18, in the bunker!

Dechambau is +4 through for 14, probably not making the cut after claiming augusta is a par 67 for him.

Cam Smith is +1 through 14

Jon Rahm birdies 18 to finish with a -7, 65 after 4 putt double on 1...unbelievable

Brooks Koepka birdies 18 to join Hoveland and Rahm at the top of leaders board for a day 1 65, -7.

Jordan Spieth just blew up with double bogey on 13 to take him back to -1. He tried to reach the green from pine straw and put it right in the creek.

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