How Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson Hit Bunker Shots and Chips | TaylorMade Golf

updated 23 Aug 2023

Step into the minds of golfing legends Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods as they engage in a comprehensive conversation about the art of bunker shots. With a focus on techniques, stances, and club choices, these two champions share their expert insights into handling a variety of bunker scenarios, providing a unique glimpse into the intricacies of their game strategies.

How Tiger Woods & Dustin Johnson Hit Bunker Shots & Chips

Bunker Shot Masterclass: Insights from Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods

  1. Stance and Setup:

  2. Club Selection:

  3. Face Rotation:

  4. Weight Distribution:

  5. Sole of the Wedge:

  6. Ball Above Feet:

  7. Ball Below Feet:

  8. Plugged Lies:

  9. Running Shots:

  10. Into-the-Grain Shots:

  11. Different Shots for Different Grass:

  12. Overall Technique:

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